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Jim Bessman’s Top 10 albums for 2010

10. Marty Muse, Before The Dawn (Museboy Records): Robert Earl Keen's longtime steel player didn't want to make his solo album debut with a predictable steel player's album, and this one, with a jazz vocal opener followed by dexterous country, country swing, bluegrass, Latin and atmospheric pop instrumental compositions, is anything but.

Jim Bessman, Manhattan Local Music Examiner

December 30, 2010


Marty Muse is one of Austin’s many fine steel guitar players. And on his album Before The Dawn, he also reveals himself as a quite gifted songwriter. And pianist. And on the jazzy opening track, Wine Bar/Jazz Club, a bit of a cheeky social commentator as well. Co-produced by Rich Brotherton, Robert Earl Keen’s guitarist and producer, the very cool disc features guests like Keen, Danny Barnes, Eamon McLaughlin (Greencards), Dave Biller, Maryann Price (former Asleep at the Wheel and Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks singer) and others. It ranges well beyond country, taking inspiration from cellist Yo Yo Ma on one track (Hymn For Peace) and covering Duke Ellington and Antonio Carlos Jobin. This is more than an album for fans of steel guitar, and certainly shows how much the instrument can do in the hands of a master.

Rob Patterson—Country Music People 12/2010


The perfect road trip CD. —Keith Davis /Eli Young Band

... I wouldn't trust anybody that didn't like this record. —Bryan Duckworth

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent recording, October 27, 2010
By TomInTN

As a long time Robert Earl Keen fan, I am always looking for music that either he plays on or his band members play on. Truthfully, his band is one of the most musically talented bands I have ever seen. This album is from REK's steel guitar player Marty Muse and features all of REK's band at one point or the other. The musicianship is excellent on this album.

Marty wrote most all of the songs on this album and the music ranges from jazz to new age to texas swing and pretty much everything in between. Amazing what can be done with a steel guitar. When I ordered this album I was expecting mostly texas swing and texas style country tunes. After all, Muse is a steel guitar player. Imagine the surprise on the first cut, "Wine Bar/Jazz Club" which was pretty much straight ahead jazz. Then we move to the next tune, "Before the Dawn" a new age style tune which reminded me of the Narada series that I used to listen to. From that we move right to country/texas swing/bluegrass. Then to some R & B. Then some latin/texas style. What a ride.

Muse is a very respected steel player and the quality of his work shines in every song. The album features Rich Brotherton on guitar on most tracks. Rich also helped Marty produce the album. A couple of other musicians who are not with REK are Danny Barnes on banjo (and the banjo really fit in), and Eamon McGlothlin on fiddle. Eamon is a former member of the Greencards (highly acclaimed bluegrass group) and he does excellent work with string arrangements.

For a true music lover who isn't into the "flash and dazzle" of the new Nashville sound, I would highly recommend giving this album a listen. This is what music should be about.


5.0 out of 5 stars

variety that many steel guitar albums seem to lack, December 26, 2010

By Joe R. Shelby "mosshead57" (Bay Area, CA)

Marty plays from years of experience as a studio musician, honky tonk-er, and road player (Tish Hinojosa, the Derailers, Robert Earl Keen, to name a few). There is dobro in a bluegrassy mood, lap steel soul music, graceful pedal steel guitar, and Marty's vocal on a jazzy tune, "Wine Club/Jazz Bar."

There are top musicians here from Austin, Texas' varied music scene, and they seem to handle the many styles that come together here with a great deal of ability and sensitivity.

I like the way Marty puts deep feeling into his playing on "Hymn For Peace, "Before the Dawn," and "Not to Be."

When he wants to swing it, he puts on his pedal steel shoes in "It's Bad to Be Forgotten," and goes for it.

I think anyone who loves slide guitars of different types will find something they enjoy here.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Strong Mix of Styles and Talent Makes For a Terrific Record, January 16, 2011

By rksandiego

Every once in a while you hear a new album that manages to transcend style labels and is just good music. Marty Muse's first solo album combines some of the best musicians from Austin and elsewhere with his 30 years of musical experience playing pedal steel with Robert Earl Keen and others to deliver an eclectic album that captures your interest from the first play. Rather than bringing musicians into the studio to track fully formed songs, a collaborative effort to work song ideas produced a collective result that was much more... Regardless of the styles of music you prefer, give Before The Dawn a listen. You likely will not be disappointed.



5.0 out of 5 stars

Before the Dawn-A delightful journey through the steel guitar, February 9, 2011

By R. Crews "Traveler" (MS)

This album is a wonderful composite of many musical types. The underlying theme of the steel guitar is pervasive but only amplifies and enhances the eclectic mix of musical styles and types displayed on the album.

Marty is a genuine master of his instruments and his love of his art is clearly evident throughout the album. Anyone who is a fan of great music will love the selections in this album. Keep it up Marty and friends!!